Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Standard Triad 
Saturation: Very vivid in saturation strength. This is the most vivid of all the limited palettes.
Pigment personalities: Not well matched Yellow is New Gamboge a transparent characteristic.
Red is Cadmium Red Medium which is a very opaque characteristic.
Blue is Ultramarine Blue which has a Semi Transparent and Granulating characteristic.

The Delicate Triad
Saturation: Vivid. Values: High Key or Light on the value scale. 
Pigment Personalities: Pigments are all transparent. Yellow is Aureolin.
Red is Quinacridone Rose, which is slightly staining. A better match is Rose Madder Genuine.
Blue is Cobalt, which is granulating and very transparent depending on the company you buy it from.
This is a cool undertone Triad. Compare this Triad to the warm Standard Triad. 
Note also the difference in the mixture of violet to the Standard Triad. 

The Bright Unsaturated Triad
A rich color harmony of the Earth
Saturation: Saturation can be explained in terms of Vivid Range, Mid Range and Dull Range. 
The Bright Unsaturated Triad is in the Mid or Intermediate range of Saturation strength.
Pigment Personalities: Pigments are all transparent.