Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wet in Wet watercolor Metods

Class Demo
For this assignment begin with:
  • On a 140 lb. Arches Watercolor Paper, begin with wetting the paper with a good size watercolor brush (1 1/2" for a quarter sheet of paper, 3" watercolor brush for a full sheet) use the largest brush that you are comfortable with.  Often times students use to small a brush in wet in wet washes. 
  • Be sure you have a good composition plan before you begin by sketching in your sketch book. 
  • Complete a watercolor value plan in black and white.  Have passages of the light value area, middle value area ,and dark value areas. This creates patterns that unify and give structure to the painting. 
  • Have your pigment or hues you have chosen ready on the palette before you begin. 
I will be using the Old Masters Limited Palette of Yellow Ocher, (my yellow), Burnt Sienna, my red) and Paynes Gray, (my blue). All other colors greens, oranges, and violets will be mixed from these three primary colors. Yes the color harmony is very muted (low intensity).
Step by step examples are forth coming.