Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Old Truck and Color Scheme Paintings

Students this, photo of the old truck can be tweaked. OK orchestrated to meet your personal interests.
You may zoom in and do a portion of the photo add your favorite shape, line qualities. etc.

I will use contour drawing from my resource. Be mindful of your format size and your paper format.
Paper size will be 1/4 sheet watercolor paper.  You are welcome to vary the format size, long narrow, square, etc.

You can zoom in, crop, etc. etc. etc.

Sister Ellis I will do the one directly below.
 Here are some other variations.

Color Scheme Studies:
Paintings were completed in different color schemes. The first three paintings were completed using the Delicate Triad: Aureolin, Quinacridone Rose and Cobalt Blue.    The last piece was completed using the Desert Triad: Yellow Ocher, Indian Red and Cerulean Blue.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Richard Bird Beloved instructor

Richard Bird lovingly called (Dick) is one of those wonderful human beings that come into our lives and leaves a lasting impression for good.
He was one of my first instructors at Ricks College now known as Brigham Young University Idaho. My Watercolor experience has been greatly influence by his instruction in the watercolor media and design principles.
Not only has he taught how to develop an artistic skill but his example of how to live life and love the gifts provided by a loving father in heaven has richly influenced my life.
Thank you Dick.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Great Summer and Featured Artist in October

September 5, 2011
This summer has been the best for me.
Several weeks have been spent painting plein air.

I also attended two workshops one with Scott Christensen and Charlies Reid.
One of the great advantages of workshops are the comradeship with other artist one,  watching how some one else holds their brush, mix their pigments on or off the palette a philosophy an attitude the power driven joy of making a piece of art work happen and sharing it.
Knowing people from around the world. The circle of art indeed is a complete whole it enriches my life.

I also took my Grandchildren fishing, another world full of joy unto itself. 

On October 6th I have been asked by the Eastern Idaho Chapter of the Idaho Watercolor Society to be the featured artist, for the annual watercolor show. This is a great honor. The show will be at the Arts Council in Idaho Falls, be sure and look up their web site for directions and time.
I will put the show on my blog.