Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Old Truck and Color Scheme Paintings

Students this, photo of the old truck can be tweaked. OK orchestrated to meet your personal interests.
You may zoom in and do a portion of the photo add your favorite shape, line qualities. etc.

I will use contour drawing from my resource. Be mindful of your format size and your paper format.
Paper size will be 1/4 sheet watercolor paper.  You are welcome to vary the format size, long narrow, square, etc.

You can zoom in, crop, etc. etc. etc.

Sister Ellis I will do the one directly below.
 Here are some other variations.

Color Scheme Studies:
Paintings were completed in different color schemes. The first three paintings were completed using the Delicate Triad: Aureolin, Quinacridone Rose and Cobalt Blue.    The last piece was completed using the Desert Triad: Yellow Ocher, Indian Red and Cerulean Blue.


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