Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Water Color Education

Class today consisted of work completed by students using the different wash and brush techniques.
Two methods were explored. Direct wash (dry paper and pigment with water added) and Indirect wash (wetting the paper first and adding pigment and water to the wet surface). 
The first wash of a three column study was a flat wash, second was a graded wash, third consisted of a mingled or variegated wash also called color into color wash. The objective was to make these washes as smooth as possible.
 Brush work of grasses or bamboo were added directly to each column and wash after it was completely dry. Brush work is one beautify long stroke of consistent and even color.
Second project. Consisted of a primary or basic shape with geometric or organic line running through the design. Leaving one third of the design white each shape was filled in with a flat direct wash. We had some excellent design and washes.  Some errors that we faced were the following: Not enough water, pigment ratio. Running out of paint before the shape was completely filled in, inconsistent water being placed in the shape creating blossoms and graded washes. Edge quality in shapes overlapped other colors, or wavered unevenly in the design. Just a little more care, and not going to far with the brush before it ran out of color. Reload with color sooner. All in all for the very first washes. "Good".

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  1. Once I was the student, and now I am the teacher. It's absolutely weird!! I've been teaching three students here in New Canaan, CT. $10 a class, and I've done everything that Coreene Barker had taught me (she was an amazing teacher), as well as your teachings in watercolor 2. I've brought down the homework a level though because it's more for watercolor exploration and not grading. I give one assignment each week. The 3 washes were really difficult to demonstrate, because I hadn't attempted them in so long! Next time I'll be sure to practice before I demonstrate!! haha! We are finally starting to paint our first paintings using only two colors, and discovering the color and value color blend variations that come from it. It's been very fun and fulfilling, and by the time this class is finished, I'll be extra prepared when I teach it again in the winter. THANK YOU, SALLY!!!