Monday, November 15, 2010

Creating grays using compliments. Compliment chart

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  1. Creating grays using compliments.
    This chart is creating true neutral by mixing true compliments of color.
    A neutral is defined as not red, yellow or blue having no hue or color. A neutral has no temperature. It becomes achromatic gray.
    Neutral described by an interior designer is not the term used by watercolor artists . For example: beige,tan,olive,or rust would be considered neutrals by an interior designer. These grayed tones have color their character is just low in saturation strength. Thus are not a true neutral in painting terms.
    Note the chart above opposite of yellow is violet or purple. The idea is to match the primary color Yellow with a purple that is not to blue making yellow green or not to red making Yellow orange. Then secondary color has to be mixed just right.
    After the secondary color is correct you must be sure the middle row or neutral also has no temperature if it leans to yellow it becomes warm, if it leans to purple it becomes cooler. No temperature, no hue creates a pure neutral when using compliments.

    Also Pigment weights will vary in the mixture, the heaviest pigment will settle to the bottom while light weight pigments settle to the top. Making a glorious and exciting variation in the wash. For example compliments made from blue and orange. You will be able to mix an achromatic neutral but as the pigments settle the blue and orange might re obtain some of is true color in separation. Let watercolor paint itself.