Friday, December 9, 2011

Pigment Properties Chart: Waterproof India Ink, Pigment Swatch and lift out

If you really want to know what a pigments properties are or  I also call them personalities make a Color Properties Chart.  Start with waterproof India Ink. Let this dry bone dry. Using your one inch 995 Winsor Newton flat water color brush, lay down a 3" swatch of pigment across the India Ink. 
  • If it disappears its basically a transparent watercolor and will lift out easily on watercolor paper.  
  • If it makes the India Ink darker it is a stain and it difficult to lift out in a watercolor painting. 
  • If it leaves a film its is opaque and will set heavy on your watercolor paper.
Note the small white line above the black India Ink  this was lifted out using a 995, 1/2" Winsor Newton flat watercolor brush.  If the pigment doesn't lift out well you know it has stain properties. Note the bottom left Manganese Blue the line came off to pure white paper. This is very transparent and lifts easily from your paper.
This knowledge helps you orchestrate your watercolor design and will make you a master painter.


  1. Thank you for sharing this chart too. I'm so glad you did. This is so important for watercolor and this is such a great example. This is so great Sally!!