Thursday, October 28, 2010

Atmospheric glazing

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  1. Glazes on the left. 1. Is mixing Cobalt Blue and Quin Rose together and placing it on the surface. 2. Quin Rose was placed down first and let dry to bone dry. Cobalt Blue was placed on top. 3. Is the reverse.
    The bottom row is a series of glazes leaving a one inch space that you may see each individual color.
    Top Right. This series of glazes is called atmospheric glazes. 1. Consisted of transparent delicate pigments. Yellow, or Aureolin is painted first in a graded was. Second is Quin. Rose. Third Cobalt Blue is glazed.
    2. Consists of earthy colors. Raw Sienna, Quin.Rose or Burnt Sienna for more earthy tone and Ultra Marine Blue.