Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glazing Method, overlaying transparent pigment one layer at a time creates a visual mix.

Glazing steps: Layer 1 Yellow (Aureolin). Layer 2 Orange ( Mixed Aureolin and Quin Rose) Layer 3 Red (Quin. Rose) 4 Blue (Cobalt or Ultra Marine Blue)  4. Green (Deep Dark Green Mix).
Student Glazing Work


  1. In a direct glazing method yellow pigment is used first. Transparent pigment are used on all the washes above. First wash is Aureolin. Second is an orange mixed from Aureolin and Permanent Rose. Third is red using Permanent Rose. Fourth is blue glazing with cobalt blue. Fifth and last wash is actually Phthalo. Green a transparent stain. Be very careful with this color. It can undo every beautiful glaze you had at the beginning by staining every color. This can make the design monochromatic green.

  2. for some reason I've never been able to truly get the glazed method...except for when it comes to glazing faces in portraits. It's a hard skill to master because you don't think yellow is underneath the red, you know?